Links and Resources

Here is a gateway list of various websites that deal with issues of ICT4D. Within these pages you can find organizations that have grants and services geared for NGOs, news and information relevant to networking and social change, sites that promote and facilitate digital social networking, and the various institutions that affect the content of ICT and the Internet.

Please send us an email with any link that may be added to our resources.

Grants and Assistance

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Computers For Schools Canada
Connect the World
Digital Solidarity Fund
ICT for Development
ICT4D Research Grants
Institute for Global Communications
International Development Research Centre

Organizations and Institutions

African Virtual University
Amnesty International Irrespressible
Association of Progressive Communications
Center for Knowledge Societies
Development Gateway
European School Net
Global Knowledge Partnership
Global Reach Statistics
Green Net
Human Rights Internet
Integrated Approaches to Participatory Development
International Press Institute
International Research Foundation for Development
International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
Internet World Statistics
The Living Internet
Mission 2007
Multilingual Internet Names Consortium
Oxford Internet Institute
Reporters Without Borders
School Net India
School Net South Africa
Social Science Research Council
Southeast Asia Centre for E-Media
University ICT4D
United Nations Information and Communication Technologies Task Force
United Nations Millennium Development Goals

Web Programming Technical Assistance

Brainjar Web Tutorials
Dynamic Drive Web Tutorials
Eric Meyer on CSS
Flash Kit Web Tutorials
Local Search Engine Submit
Mambo CMS Software
Max Design Web Tutorials
Mezzo Blue Web Tutorials
Noodle Incident Web Tutorials
Tom McCune’s PGP Questions and Answers
Website Baker CMS Software
Zen Garden CSS Tutorials
44 HTML and Javascript Tutorials